HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT & Gain ABS without any effort!

Happy Wednesday Babes!

Today’s topic is going to be the one that everyone seems to ask me the most about, How did I lose so much weight so fast? I was by no means overweight ever, but at 5’3 I would say my comfortable weight has always been around 100 lbs-115 lbs.

Two years ago, I got to the point of 130-135 lbs, which I wasn’t too obsessed over, but I noticed a pattern in my eating and unhealthy habits which were making me gain weight like crazy! Now two years later, I am at a healthy, comfortable, 105 lbs with some killer abs without working out! Yup, you read that right!

So….how did I lose the weight so fast and how do I keep it off without any crazy workouts or starving myself.

Well, the solution to fast weight loss is completely easy.

You just have to train your mind and not obsess over losing weight. You have to make it a lifestyle change. I know, sounds easier said than done. But honestly, if you don’t think about losing weight and just follow these simple steps, you will look at yourself six months later and you will not only skinnier, but also happier!

The first thing that really contributed to my weight gain is constantly going out with friends. I was going out basically every night of the week with my now husband, or my best friends and eating unlimited calories.

First off, I know people will go out and that’s just something we do. I’m not telling you to sit at home alone and just never go out. I still go out, I just make better choices when it comes to going out.

I used to drink 1-3 margaritas every Friday night at dinner, then go out Saturday and order a vodka cranberry, or some other drink that was basically ALL sugar. Those are calories you want to get rid of. If you want to lose weight fast, STOP DRINKING! Ok, you don’t have to stop drinking all together if you enjoy going out and getting a few drinks, that is fine but if you are serious about fast weight loss, you have to train your mind to stop those bad habits. Let’s be honest, going out with friends is tempting and once you do, you have one drink, it leads to the next, and “Just one more” and so on. Then those late night cravings kick in after drinking and you are tempted to eat anything in sight or go through the McDonald’s Drive thru. I’ve been there, trust me, I know.

I still drink once in a while but it’s usually white wine. I enjoy half of a glass and usually stop myself there. That’s just a lifestyle choice I made for myself. Not only do I feel healthier, but I also feel more productive. Instead of having a major hangover and sleeping the day away after a night of drinking, I am able to be more productive and actually make my weekends last longer.

Next step to fast weight loss…STOP sitting around and get outside! I have two dogs, so I am constantly playing outside with them, walking, going to trails and parks, and running around chasing them. If you don’t have dogs, go on lots of walks. This is honestly a huge contributor to my weight loss so fast. I walk at least 3 hours a day without putting any effort into it. I’m also a nanny so this does help a lot because I’m usually outside walking with the stroller and spending hours walking loops in the park.

If you are not a nanny, or have dogs, this shouldn’t stop you. I love nature so this is not hard work for me. I wake up early, grab some headphones and my cell phone, and I go to the nearest park for an hour and just walk, while scrolling through social media, planning blog posts, or doing anything I would be doing on my phone while sitting at home. That way, you are still being productive while working out and not putting any effort into it.

The third and last step I took to lose weight fast is not eating 3 big meals a day. I know that seems like crazy and not possible, but you have to train your body to do this. I love to eat, anyone will tell you this. I eat more than my husband most days but I also only eat one big meal a day! I snack throughout the day, which constantly keeps my metabolism running and burning calories. I eat almonds, fruit, sometimes oatmeal for breakfast, but mostly just snacking on whatever I feel like it and then having a healthy bigger dinner at night.

Through these three steps, I have noticed dramatic changes to my body and so did everyone around me. Without putting much effort or obsessing over my weight, I just did simple lifestyle changes like stopped drinking, going out all the time, and started to snack more. I never go to the gym and workout, if that’s your thing, you go girl! I enjoy being outside and walking has been the most incredible thing for my calves/leg muscles!

Those are the three simple steps I took to loose weight fast and if you follow them, you will see changes in your weight fast. I have no doubts on that. You just have to train your body and your mind to those three steps and you will have the body you have always wanted! I am proof of this, I never workout my abs and I would say I have pretty great abs for never doing a single ab workout.

I hope this helps you in your weightless journey and just remember it’s not about the weight so much, it’s about making better lifestyle choices not for “NOW” but for the rest of your life.




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