Keranique Hair Growth Review!

Good Morning Beauties,

So you might be wondering, does KERANIQUE Hair Growth Treatment work? Today, I’m sharing my Keranique Hair Growth review for all of you curious about this system.

Let’s get started. A few months back, I posted a Keranique Hair Growth Review video on Youtube and people had some questions on whether or not it works! First of all, what is it? It is a three step system that is meant for women with hair loss.

Step 1: Keranique Shampoo & Conditioner (fights thinning, damaged hair)

Step 2: Keranique Regrowth Treatment (Revitalizes hair follicles)

Step 3: Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment Spray (Adds volume to your hair while protecting it)

So…Does it work?

The way the three step system works for Keranique is, you have to wash your hair every single day!….WHAT? I still tried it although I know that washing your hair everyday is not healthy for it!

I have extremely damaged blonde hair from bleaching and heat products, which is why I wanted to try Keranique. The first week I tried it, I was already skeptical because it made my hair extremely dry, uneasy to brush after washing, and it felt like horse hair. I thought maybe my hair was just adjusting, but nope! Three weeks later, I was over the Keranique products. I was damaging my hair more by trying to brush through it and washing out all the oils you naturally get from your scalp.

I honestly think that for a 30 day program of $50, it’s not worth it! There are better ways to grow your hair and make it healthy and I will be talking about that in a different blog post.

Overall, I don’t think Keranique Hair Growth Treatment was worth trying. That’s just my honest opinion, unless you’re ready to rip half of your hair out trying to brush it out after using it. I definitely will not be using it again.

There is a product I have been absolutely loving to fix damaged hair, and helps nourish the scalp for hair growth, but you will have to stick around to read my next blog post on it!

I hope this Kearanique Hair Growth Treatment Review Helped you.





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