SPRING Beauty Fave! 

Good Morning! 

Who’s excited that Spring is here? I definitely am. I feel like this year is flying by so fast, and it’s already two months until I walk down the isle and become a “Mrs.” So crazyyy!!! 

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite beauty products going into spring, and something I’ve been using to help me get ready for the big day and make sure my skin is ready.

I’m inserting a clip because it was my first time trying this product. I’ve seen it all over social media and I’m obsessed! It’s the black mask, or charcoal mask. It’s meant to remove any imperfections on your skin (blackheads).

 I didn’t get those outrageous results as some videos show because my skin is pretty clear for the most part, but it made my face so soft and I could definitely see a difference of how clean my pores are! I even talked my fiancé into trying it. It does pull your skin so it hurts a little bit, but beauty is pain! 

You can buy this product on so many different websites, but I’ll insert one here!

Charcoal Peel Off Mask 


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